Rules of Engagement

Based on feedback from players who wanted clearer guides for what is acceptable and what is not acceptable behavior in game we have created this easy-to-use list. If you are looking for the legal documents related to the game, the Terms & Conditions are available here.

General behaviour

If you accidentally Team Damage (TD) or Team Kill (TK) another player, apologize in chat.


General rules

The Rules of Engagement is a guideline of what is acceptable behavior or not. If you are guilty of any of the violations listed below you may be temporarily or permanently (with or without prior warning) suspended from the game depending on the severity of your actions.

  1. Spamming the chat. (use English in the Global, Faction & Support chat channels)
  2. Abusing/exploiting glitches or bugs (Report glitches and bugs to Customer Support)
  3. Using any kind of cheat.
  4. Using macros/bots/scripts/etc — you are required to play the game yourself
  5. The intentional blocking of player & vehicle spawn points
  6. Intentionally blocking shots from players, jumping yourself in front of firing tanks or bazookas, etc.
  7. Stats-padding, a.k.a. farming, by means of exploiting actions that give you experience or rewards without actually participating in the action. You are expected to play as a team, and play to win the game!
  8. Making use of racial, ethnic, sexual etc. slurs in chat
  9. Harassment, name-calling, shaming and offensive language
  10. Random accusations of cheating — please let the admins determine who is cheating
  11. Intentionally destroying the gameplay experience for other players
  12. Depleting resource by excessive suiciding or abandoning/destroying vehicles
  13. Intentionally handing over vehicles to the other factions
  14. Transferring, selling, trading accounts or advertising accounts for sale. If you buy an account or if you advertise your account for sale you can expect it to be permanently banned. 
  15. Impersonating or pretending to speak on behalf of TLM Partners, Inc. 
  16. Spying or pretending to be undercover agent or the like. Play for the faction you signed up for. 
  17. Advertising other games or content not related to Heroes & Generals or affiliated with TLM Partners, Inc.
  18. Naming weapons, Assault Teams or Soldiers/Generals after War Criminals or using insulting, racist or offensive slurs in their names.
  19. Circumventing bans by any means, including using friends’ accounts or making new accounts.

For your security and privacy reasons, please keep the following in mind:

  • Select a strong, secure password and make sure your email address is correct
  • Do not share your email address, phone number, real name, home address or other personal information with others, ever! 
  • Do not ask for email addresses, phone numbers, real names home addresses or other personal information of other players!
  • Do not publish information about others that could identify them to others in any media form (e.g. text, image, video or audio)
  • TLM Partners, Inc. employees will never ask for your password!
  • You are responsible for the protection of your account and personal information.