Update 1.08.1 – Weapon Tweaks

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2017-10-11

Update 1.08.1 is here with a handful of much awaited weapon tweaks!

Immersion and Gunplay Tweaks in Everhart

by reto.McFly on 2016-07-01

In addition to adding three new infranty trucks to Heroes & Generals the upcoming ‘Everhart – Knights of the Road’ update will also contain a range of tweaks affecting the immersion and gunplay of the game. To a wide extent the tweaks are more something that you, rather than seeing them on screen, will feel or […]

Recent Squad Tweaks In Details!

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2016-06-21

In the last weeks we have kept working on tweaking and polishing the Squad system based on player feedback and gathered data on how it performs in the live game environment. With these updates (already on the live servers) we think it works really well and we have only a few extra tweaks and polished coming […]

Weapon and ribbon tweaks coming with Adams update

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2016-01-19

Infantry! Infantry everywhere! After showing you the new M16 MGMC, the GAZ-AAA and the SdKfz 7/1, there are also a handful of other tweaks incoming for the infantry! In the coming update named Adams (after the American hero Lucian Adams) a number of tweaks and adjustments will enhance infantry gameplay. WEAPON AND GUNPLAY TWEAKS We have […]

Tank and vehicle balancing in coming Walker update

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2015-07-01

We have pulled performance stats for all vehicles and looked at how they perform in game and we’ve been digging through our forums and the Steam discussions to gather as much community feedback as possible, and now we’ve rolled this into a great big balancing pass for armored vehicles (and AA cannons). The next update is […]