Upcoming Map Makeover: Village Skirmish

by on 2016-09-01

As part of the series of Map Makeovers incoming with the Garman update, we present you with the third and last Skirmish Map – Village Skirmish.

Upcoming Map Makeover: Hill Skirmish

by on 2016-08-31

The Hill Skirmish has been changed noticeably, just as the Forest Skirmish we presented you yesterday.

Upcoming Map Makeover: Forest Skirmish

by on 2016-08-30

After we showed you the Encounter Map in the series of Map Makeovers, it is now time to present you with the first Skirmish Map – Forest Skirmish. 

Skirmish mode update

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2014-04-26

We have been digging into the statistics and data for the skirmish missions as we felt we could make them even more fun with a few minor tweaks to the timings. [fancy_images width=”610″ height=”343″] [image caption=”Time to get down (from up there)”][/image] [/fancy_images]

Battle System

by on 2013-06-03

[dropcap2]O[/dropcap2]ne of the core mechanics for Heroes & Generals is the way action and campaign games intermingle to introduce causality – actions of one game effect the outcome in the other. A major part of that is how the strategy game detects conflicts and assigns resources for the action game – we call this the […]

Is data mining really that boring?

by on 2013-03-12

Many of you may think that analyzing data and running statistics is dreadfully boring, and you may be right – but for a self-proclaimed geek like myself, I actually enjoy playing around with data – especially if it poses a challenge and on top of that shows some nice or surprising patterns. [fancy_images width=”600″ height=”336″] [image […]

Featured Developer Filip Lange Nielsen (Reto.Ratamahat)

by on 2013-02-11

[singlepic id=789 float=left w=250] First of all, what is your gamertag in Heroes & Generals, and what’s the story? Reto.Ratamahat. As a teenager I was a big fan of Sepultura and especially the song Ratamahatta. At the time my IRC client wouldn’t allow nicks with more than 9 characters, so I shortened the inspirational name. […]

A room packed with ACTION!

by Reto.Splixxen on 2013-01-23

[blockquote cite=”People”]What does the Reto office look like?[/blockquote] Ever so often people ask “What does the Reto office look like?” (Splixxen! You just made that up! /Ed.) We sometimes move around to make communication easier, for the people who needs to work together. At the moment, one of the rooms is called “The Action Room”, […]

Skirmish in the forest

by on 2012-11-30

We are now ready to launch the new and improved Skirmish map, with a new game mode: Domination. The first new Skirmish Map is situated in a heavily sloped forest, where the terrain itself plays a vital part of the map. The central capture area is placed by an intersecting main road, and the area holds barns […]