Happy New Year!

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2013-12-31

[blockquote cite=”Reto.Robotron3000″]Happy New Year everybody! Late at night, when everybody is sleeping – Reto.Hal9k climbs into his programming hideout and with only a single candle lit, he writes new render features that hopefully makes their way into the game one day. This time he has been working on weather effects – and in this case: […]

Intelligence Bulletin Vol 3 * No 30

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2013-09-26

[fancy_images width=”250″ height=”362″] [image][/image] [/fancy_images] [dropcap2]I[/dropcap2]ndian Summer? The calendar says late September, but the sky is blue, the sun is shining and we released a new videolog. Please note the impressive flying in the beginning; we saw the video fightingfalconf16 posted online and went in; ID’ed the session and grabbed the replay from the server. […]

Clear sky to overcast from a rendering perspective

by on 2013-05-28

To penetrate and dissipate these (ingame) clouds of darkness, the general mind must be strengthened by education. Thomas Jefferson This time I’ll write a bit about our upcoming real-time volumetric cloud system. Unless something goes horribly wrong and the sky is falling down the new clouds should make an appearance in the Jefferson build. [img][/img] About […]