patch notes

Update 1.06 – Basic Training

by reto.McFly on 2017-04-04

Tutorial tasks and tutorial bots added to provide a better first time player experience

Ihlefeld Update – Changelog

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2016-12-13

Ihlefeld – Warbirds and Tail Gunners lands with three new planes, updated flight controls, faster fighter planes and support gunner feature for recon planes and tanks

Soviet AVS-36, new uniforms, new weapon skins, "Battle Director" and more available in just-released Xylander Update

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2015-09-01

This brand-new update brings a lot of new features – AVS-36 (and its’ bayonet) to help fight the Sturmgewehr 44 and M1/M2 carbines released in Walker, Town and Factory Map updates, XP-bonuses for War battles, credit earnings update and new “Battle Director“! The update is named ‘Xylander’ after the German Major General Wolf-Dietrich von Xylander […]

Quesada is online!

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2014-07-03

The new build named Quesada (after the US General Elwood Richard “Pete” Quesada) is live on the servers! So here’s a quick overview of the new features we’ve added for you to enjoy! [fancy_images width=”610″ height=”343″] [image][/image] [/fancy_images] New Features [icon_teaser style=”red” type=”Check” title=”Paratroopers returning to battle”] The Paratrooper class is now back! Their planes […]

Keating is online!

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2013-08-06

The new build named Keating (after the American Major General Frank A. Keating) is live on the servers! [fancy_images width=”610″ height=”343″] [image caption=”Keating in cover” title=”Keating in cover”][/image] [/fancy_images] New Features [icon_teaser style=”red” type=”Check” title=”Tier-based matchmaking”] Tier-based match-making is here. The game will automatically try to sort players into groups depending on tier. This will […]

The Bradley Build is Up and the Server Has Been Reset!

by Reto.KenSolo on 2012-06-13

There is a new build up on our live servers called ‘Bradley’. We have started naming our builds so it’s easier for both you and us to communicate about the various builds throughout the development phase. [youtube url=”” width=”590″ height=”360″ fs=”1″ hd=”1″ rel=”0″ showsearch=”0″] Heroes & Generals – Beta Videolog 2: Bradley showing weapon tweaks, new […]