Five Tips on Anti-Tank Infantry

by Reto.Circinus on 2017-01-05

So many different types of anti-tank equipment, but what are the benefits?

New German Anti-tank grenade coming soon!

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2016-05-23

In the upcoming Devyatayev update (named after the Soviet pilot Mikhael Petrovich Devyatayev) we are adding a new thrown Anti-Tank Grenade for the German faction! The Panzerwurfmine Lang (or PWM for short) is a handheld thrown anti-tank weapon with similar function to the Soviet RPG-43. It enables German infantry to take out enemy tanks without having […]

Quesada is online!

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2014-07-03

The new build named Quesada (after the US General Elwood Richard “Pete” Quesada) is live on the servers! So here’s a quick overview of the new features we’ve added for you to enjoy! [fancy_images width=”610″ height=”343″] [image][/image] [/fancy_images] New Features [icon_teaser style=”red” type=”Check” title=”Paratroopers returning to battle”] The Paratrooper class is now back! Their planes […]

Feature: Personalize your Bazookas & Panzerschrecks!

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2014-07-01

Tired of looking at the same old Bazooka? Want to stand out from the Anti-Tank crowd? Then look no further! In the coming build ‘Quesada’ we have added a new batch of weapon personalizations, this time for the Bazookas and Panzerschrecks. [fancy_images width=”600″ height=”250″] [image][/image] [/fancy_images] Continue reading to see the rest of the awesome […]

NEW TRAILER: "Wars aren't won by TANKS alone"

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2014-04-29

[dropcap2]W[/dropcap2]e are in the progress of polishing up a bunch of new toys for you at a scale you haven’t seen from us before! A series of massive updates bringing loads of new weapons and vehicles, plus some really cool new features will hit the live servers over the next few weeks, and we’re dying […]

Beta Videolog 11: "Oster" is now online.

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2014-04-16

The new build ‘Oster’ is online with a lot of exciting new stuff! With Easter upon us we managed to lure Reto.Colding and Reto.Gargamel into the editing booth with promises of all the eggs and bunnies they could eat. Reto.Gargamel is taking over the narrator duties from Reto.KenSolo so please be kind to the new […]

Incoming! Panzerschreck

by Reto.Robotron3000 on 2014-03-17

As you might have heard rumours of, a new antitank weapon is making its way from the factories to the fields of battle! The German panzerschreck! [fancy_images width=”610″ height=”343″] [image alt=”Panzerscreck ingame” caption=”Panzerschreck ingame model”][/image] [/fancy_images] The Panzerschreck is closer in functionality to the American Bazooka and with new addition we have changed how anti-tank weapons […]

Dev Q&A – Fall 2013 – Part 2

by Reto.Gargamel on 2013-09-25

[dropcap2]H[/dropcap2]ere comes the second installment in a series of five Q [fancy_amp] A posts. You gave us 20 pages worth of questions, and not easy ones! Like last time, we’re giving you a a couple of sample questions to whet your appetite: Q: Will there be assassination and document theft missions for Recon characters?

New weapon textures

by Reto.Hr.Wille on 2013-04-16

[blockquote cite=”Reto.Robotron3000″]We are constantly working on improving the game, one of the very visible things is when we update the look of weapons and vehicles and this time it was the weapons’ turn for a haircut, shave and manicure in the binary beauty parlor. [/blockquote] [fancy_images width=”610″ height=”286″] [image title=”Updated C96″ alt=”Updated C96″ caption=”Updated C96″][/image] [/fancy_images]