Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding item bundles purchased through Steam.

I just purchased a DLC, but it doesn’t appear on my Heroes & Generals account, what to do?

Any content purchased through Steam will be added to your Heroes & Generals player account upon logging in.
To redeem a DLC, you need to be logged in to the Steam client with the Steam ID that you used to buy the DLC, then log in with the Heroes & Generals player account where you want to receive the DLC.

Can I purchase the same DLC multiple times?

No. This is a limitation on Steam’s side: DLCs can only be redeemed once per Steam account.
Unfortunately this is not something we can change, as this is decided by Steam.
If you try to buy a DLC a second time, you will only have to option to send it as a gift.
Likewise, if an H&G account has already redeemed a Steam DLC, and then logs in via another Steam account that contains the same DLC, the bundle will not be redeemed a second time on the H&G account.

Why can’t my friend redeem the DLC I sent him as a gift?

If a DLC is “gifted” to an Steam user who does not already own it, and this user then purchases the DLC himself before redeeming the gift, he will not be able to accept the gift. Instead he will see a message saying “This gift is already in your library”.
If the gift is declined, the purchase will be automatically refunded by Steam.

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