Heroes & Generals’ Terms and Conditions prohibit the use of “cheats, hacks, or other means of circumventing game rules“.

Using any software that allows you to cheat or exploit will eventually get your account permanently banned.

However, some of the programs that can get you banned are not openly labelled as “cheats” by the people who distribute them.

What falls into this category is most generally software that is (among other things) capable of

  • modifying in-game graphics
  • reading from the game’s memory
  • automating key/mouse inputs

Common examples include

  • Auto clickers
  • SweetFX
  • Cheat Engine
  • External crosshairs
  • Process viewers
  • Trainers for other games

Using any of the above is considered just as severe an offence as using an aimbot, ESP or wallhack.

So if you are in doubt about any third-party software, don’t use it while playing Heroes & Generals.

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