If you log into your account only to find that most (or all) of your characters, equipment and progress seem to have disappeared and you have made sure to reset the Soldier List filter, then it is quite possible that you have used the wrong login credentials, especially if you used your email instead of your player name to log in.
Heroes & Generals lets you log in with either your email address or your account name.
It often happens that players create multiple accounts with very similar names and/or addresses, and forget which email goes with which account.
So the first things to try are

  • If you normally log in with your player name, try instead logging in with one or more of the email addresses you use the most when creating accounts.
  • If you normally log in with your email address, check your inbox for an account creation email, which was automatically sent to you when you created the account. Look for an email from noreply@heroesandgenerals.com, with the subject “Heroes & Generals Login Information & Confirmation”. The account name is mentioned in that email, so if it’s different from what you remember, you must have another account. Make sure to check your other email inboxes if you have more than one.

Unfortunately, if you made a spelling error entering your email address when you created your account, you will not have received this message. In this case, please send us a support ticket and we will look for your account.
NOTE: If you created your account during the Closed Beta phase of development (2012-2013), and you have not played since, then your account has really been reset. There has been a complete reset of the player database on January 29th, 2013. You can read more details on our news blog.

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