1. Can I use the names of historical Waffen-SS units / officers?

No. Waffen-SS names are not acceptable in Heroes & Generals, historical or otherwise. This applies to everything from account names to the names of Soldiers, Squads and Assault Teams. The automatic naming filter will block a large number of SS- and Nazi-related words, but that does not mean that the ones that aren’t blocked are “okay to use”. Misspelling a word or substituting some letters to dodge the filter will be treated as a violation of our rules.

Unauthorized names are of course not limited to Waffen-SS references, but because Heroes & Generals takes place in a World War II setting, we need to emphasize this particular case.

As a general rule, WWII militias who participated in pogroms or genocide (for example, the Croatian Ustaše and Romanian Iron Guard), but also modern-day terrorist organizations and convicted war criminals are unacceptable as player names.

For the full text of our naming policy, please consult our Community Rules & Guidelines.

In short, this means…

  • If you chose an unauthorized name for a Soldier, Squad or Assault Team, they may at any time be renamed by a moderator.
  • Disputing the decision or reverting the changes will result in a ban.
  • If you create an account with an unacceptable, you may, at any time and without warning, be subject to a permanent ban.
  • A permanent ban means your characters and progress will be lost forever. They cannot be transferred to a new account.
  • Account names cannot be edited, so it is your responsibility to choose carefully when creating a new account.


2. But I have seen some players with SS-/war crime-related names! Why haven’t you banned them already?

There is simply no efficient method to automatically block all offensive names and their alternate (“l33t”) spellings and misspellings. This would make choosing a valid name difficult and frustrating. This means, unfortunately, that offending names have to be reported to us in a support ticket before we can take action.

3. I reported a player with an offensive name, why isn’t he banned?

The goal of our naming rules is to maintain a friendly gaming atmosphere. It is for the moderators/admins to decide when and how the rules are to be applied. The moderator/admin has the final decision over whether a player is or isn’t violating our rules.
Any disciplinary action will be conducted at our sole discretion, and we are not obligated to systematically track down offending names.

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