A machine gun is a very powerful weapon, but it can be tricky to use effectively. Here are five tips on establishing a LMG-Infantry soldier.


You might want to bring an extra weapon

The reloading on a machine gun generally takes longer than most other guns. As a back-up plan, think about adding an extra weapon such as a pistol or even a Semi-Automatic rifle in case you run out of ammunition.


Don’t spend it all at once

The most effective way to kill your opponent is to not fire all your bullets at once. The machine gun is easier to use when firing small bursts giving you have better control over where your bullets go. A burst of three to five bullets a time can make you very accurate even on medium ranges. Keep in mind that the heavier machine guns can only be used when standing still.


Make use of modifications

There are many different modifications available for machine guns. When equipping modifications you should keep in mind what you most want to use your machine gun for – close combat or medium range combat. Try some of the modifications available and find the options that allows you to be the most deadly.


Crouch or Prone

The machine gun is a heavy gun and has a lot of sway when used in standing position. Being prone allows you to be most accurate with your machine gun. But short bursts, as described above, can be used in crouch position quite effectively.


Make use of Combat Badges

If you are still having problems handling you machine gun have a look at the Tight Grip Combat Badge, it allows you to control your weapon better. Fast reload badge is also worth looking into, speeding up your reload and getting you back into action a little faster. If you have a Veteran Membership you can equip both.

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