The Medium and Heavy Fighters each have some unique characteristics. Here are five tips to effectively use them both.


Have a go at the Advanced Controls

By default the controls are set to Mouse Mode. Whereever you aim your mouse, your plane will move. Are you looking to do more advanced maneuvers? You can switch to different type of plane controls in the Action Game menu. The classic mode allows you to pull off the most crazy stunts to evade your opponent. But the Classic mode is also the most difficult to master. Build up some flight experience and try out the controls to see what suits you best.
More information about the various controls can be found here


Maneuverability and Firepower is key

There is a vital difference between the Medium and Heavy Fighters – the firepower and ability to evade your opponent. Both are important to have, but depending on the situation you may want to switch between them. If you need the firepower, the Heavy Fighters are definitely your best choice. If you are looking for a smaller more agile plane, the Medium Fighters may be more suitable for your battle, as they are more nimble.
You can also improve the firepower of your plane by upgrading to either Armor Piercing Composite Rigid or High Explosive ammunition. Chose to use Armor Piercing Composite Rigid when engaging vehicles or other planes and High Explosive ammunition for soldiers on the ground.


Get to re-supplying ammunition

Usually you are either busy engaged in bombing targets or in dogfighting your way through your opponent. Running low on ammunition? If you empty the ammunition that you don’t need you will automatically start re-supplying. So drop those bombs if you need to get ammunition for a dogfight soon!


Pull up! Don’t Crash!

Diving and strafing your opponents can be very helpful for the soldiers on the ground. Keep the speed of the plane in mind though. Your plane will need a significant amount of power and time to recover from a dive, so pull up in time if you don’t want your plane to turn into a large fireball.


Evade your opponents

One of the most important factors during dogfighting is speed. Not just your speed but also your opponents speed. Alternate your speed to confuse your opponent and make it hard for them to set the right speed for killing you. Keep in mind that it takes time for your plane to adjust speed, but use it to your advantage to get the better of your opponent.

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