So many different types of anti-tank equipment, but what are the benefits? Read five tips on setting up an Anti-Tank Infantry.


Bazooka, Panzerschreck and PTRD

The Bazooka, PTRD and Panzerschreck are the three longer range anti-tank weapons. The bazooka has a curve type of firing, while the panzerschreck has more direct fire. Both these weapons have a high penetration value, but especially on the heavier tank, you’ll need to carefully aim where you want the rockets to hit. The PTRD uses bullets and has a low penetration value. It can be used against light tanks and if well aimed, against Medium Tanks.


Anti-Tank Mines and Throwable Mines

The Anti-Tank Mines are cheap to use, but you’ll have to estimate where you think the vehicles might drive. Besides that, they may also be spotted and destroyed before a vehicle hits it. The Throwable Mines are strong against all tanks, but you’ll have to get close to a tank, which can be a dangerous thing to do. If well aimed, either of the available throwable anti-tank mines can destroy all types of tanks with just three of them! The Hafthohlladung H3 requires you to stand right next to the tank, but it’s the most powerful hand-held anti tank weapon in the game.


Bring a gun to the fight

It can be very useful to have both an Infantry Character with one of the long distance anti-tank weapons and a soldier with short-range anti-tank weapons. Either way it’s important to know that these weapons are not effective against Infantry, so make sure to equip a gun to help defend yourself against enemy Infantry.


Make good use of vehicles

Flanking a tank to destroy it is important. If the tank is aimed at you, it can blow you to pieces in seconds. Motorcycles are the fastest transport, which allow you to quickly flank your opponent and engage it from the side or back. But a motorized vehicle allows you to take an ammunition crate with you so you can re-supply your anti-tank ammunition in case you run out.


Combat Badges are your friends

There are several Combat Badges in the game, which allow you to do more damage against certain vehicles. The Iron Fist badge increases damage done to heavy vehicles, while the Infantry First increases damage to soft vehicles. The Grenadier badge increases the damage of all hand-held explosives. Either of these badges are very useful to get to increase the effectiveness of your anti-tank equipment.

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