Always wanted to start your own clan in Heroes & Generals? Here’s five tips to get your clan started.


Start with Friends

Starting a clan on your own is very difficult. It’s much easier if you start a clan with some friends. That way, you already have a clan consisting of multiple members friendly to each other. Together you can work out a strategy to make your clan larger.


Set the groundrules

What does your clan stand for and what do you want to achieve. It’s important to set up some ground rules so potential new clan members know what to expect from your clan and what they can and can’t do.


Start recruiting

Getting new clan members helps expand your clan. You can open recruitment topics on the the official Heroes & Generals forum, the steam forums and even the Gamepedia allows you to place your clan information. You can also find players here who might be looking for a clan.


Other forms of communication

Most clans dedicated to the strategy game, also work together on voice communication platforms, such as TeamSpeak. Each faction has player created and managed TeamSpeak servers. You can either use those servers or create a server on a voice communication platform yourself.


Manage & Promote

If your clan expands, this also means it will take a bit more effort to manage it. The easiest is to not do it alone. Promote clan members who contribute to your clan and let them help you out.

This is part of a series of blogposts focusing on tips and tricks for playing Heroes & Generals and getting the most out of your gaming experience. The series will feature content for both newcomers and veterans alike.