Steam DLC Bundles

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding item bundles purchased through Steam. I just purchased a DLC, but it doesn’t appear on my Heroes & Generals account, what to do? Any content purchased through Steam will be added to your Heroes & Generals player account upon logging in. To redeem a DLC, you need […]

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“Wrong Executable” Error Message

If you see the following error message when launching Heroes & Generals, then you most likely have tried to click the wrong shortcut/executable file. Are you launching the game from the Windows Taskbar? Many people like to pin programs to the Windows Taskbar for convenience. However Heroes & Generals needs several different executable files to run, […]

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AMD Plays TV and H&G Steam Client Crashes

The Plays.tv version 1.14.0 causes the H&G Steam Client to crash frequently. In order to fix this issue, Plays.tv can’t be active while running Heroes & Generals on Steam. Plays.Tv is activated by default on Windows start-up. To deactivate it, please proceed as follows: On the Windows Taskbar, click the arrow to show hidden program icons. Look […]

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Disk Read Error on Steam

If you are downloading or updating the game through Steam, an error may occur, resulting in a ‘Disk Read Error’ when attempting to launch the game.   In order to resolve this issue, please proceed with the following steps: Right click on the game in the Library. Go to ‘Properties’. Go to ‘Local Files’. Click […]

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How to refresh your Steam files (Clear download cache)

If Heroes & Generals fails to launch on Steam, or you are running into other issues, try refreshing the files by clearing the download cache. Here is how to do this:   From your Steam Client, open the Settings panel by selecting “Steam > Settings” from the top left client menu. In the Settings panel, […]

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