Nvidia GeForce Now

Can I stream Heroes & Generals via the Nvidia GeForce Now service? Nvidia GeForce Now is unfortunately not currentlty supported. It is not possible to stream H&G from a remote machine; the game needs to be run locally.

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Error: Can’t bind to port 50020

Description of the error Error 50020 occurs while attempting to log in to Heroes & Generals. The H&G Sync window pops up in front of the main game window, and the login process fails to complete. After a while, the message “Error: Can’t bind to port 50020. Is something else using it?” will be displayed. If […]

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Ping: what is it and how does it affect matchmaking?

Ping is the measure of the time it takes (in milliseconds) for a server to receive packets of data from your computer and send them back. It’s like shouting “Echo!” and checking how much time it takes to hear your echo. High ping is caused by your physical distance to the server where the action […]

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How much bandwidth does the game use?

Playing the Action game takes around 20 KB/s downstream and 5 KB/s upstream. Apart from loading the map (which is cached), the Strategy game uses 1-1.5 KB/s

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Firewall settings

TCP/UDP ports The game uses the following ports to communicate: TCP : 80, 443, 6667, 6668, 16667, 15000-15500 UDP : 16000-17000 The UDP ports are particularly important for the action game.   If you are having problems joining games, or get an error message that says “unable to ping game servers”, then you probably need to […]

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