Action Game

Known Issue: Long Waiting Time When Matchmaking from Australia

We are aware that players in Australia are currently having trouble with matchmaking. This is due to several factors. Due to the — relatively — low player population in Australia and its geographical distance to our other host servers, these factors combined can cause matchmaking to take a longer time than you would expect, as explained below. […]

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No Sound in the Action Game

If you can hear sound effects and music in the main menu, but cannot hear any sound when launching the action game, please try the following steps: Inside the action game, press the [ESC] key to access the Settings menu, and make sure the in-game audio is not set too low. While the action game is […]

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Error 10010

If you are receiving an error message that reads “Unable to initialize graphics device. A graphics card with at least Shader Model 3.0 is required to run this game”, and you are certain that your graphics card supports this shader version, you may want to make sure the driver software for your graphics card is […]

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Can I use a joystick emulator?

Joysticks are not officially supported. There exist some joystick emulator programs out there, and you are welcome to try them. However we cannot guarantee that they will work, nor can we offer troubleshooting advice if they don’t.

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