Play the game

Play The Game

You can play Heroes & Generals WWII on Steam or Epic Games.


  1. Download Steam at:
  2. Go to and click on ‘play game’ to download the game
  3. Once installed, go to your library in the Steam client and press ‘play’
  4. Register a new account or login using your credentials

Epic Game Store

  1. Go to and click on ‘download’ in the upper right corner
  2. Go to and click on ‘get’ to add the game to your library
  3. Once added, go to your library in the Epic client and ‘install’ the game
  4. Once installed, you can either ‘quick play’ or ‘launch’ the game from your library
      Note: Epic users with an existing Heroes and Generals account created outside of Epic should make sure to select ‘use existing account’ and log-in using your Heroes and Generals username and password

Getting gold!

From inside the the game, you can click the gold icon in the top right and pick a pack of your choice.