Content Creator Program

Heroes & Generals Content Creator Program

Do you love making videos? Are you a streamer? Now is your chance to join our Community Creators program*!

Basic Program**:

We now have a partnership with the platform Lurkit! Which allows us to create several campaigns for you to join!

Just go to the website, sign up and join one of these campaigns!

Current monthly campaigns**:

Upcoming campaigns:

  • 30th of August: Heroes & Generals tank combat (public)

Advanced Program**:

We also have an advanced program! Players who are more dedicated to Heroes & Generals have the unique opportunity to join our internal Content Creator group!

The rewards for joining our advanced program are as follows:

  • Get access to exclusive lurkit campaigns!
  • Earn rewards for participating in these campaigns like gold, giveaway vouchers and others!
  • Earn Lurkit coins for unique prizes on the Lurkit website!
  • A dedicated Discord Channel and Role to connect you to other Creators!
  • Be included and linked in our ever-growing list of Content Creators!


  • You are age 18 or above
  • You are a member of our Discord channel
  • You have joined and delivered content through the Lurkit starter or super campaign, or
  • You have made at least 10 videos for Heroes & Generals and posted to YouTube, or
  • You have streamed the game for at least 100 hours on Twitch
  • You are willing to participate in at least 1 Lurkit campaign per quarter
  • Your YouTube/Twitch account is linked to your Discord account (for verification purposes)


The U.S., UK, EU, and other jurisdictions require creators that have direct relationships with companies to disclose the relationship regarding such content. Accordingly, you will comply with such requirements including, without limitation, using #ad or similar prior approved language in the description of your content each instance such content is posted, shared, or disseminated. A voice disclosure may also be required in your jurisdiction.



  • Contribute to the H&G community in a positive way
  • Show respectful behavior towards both staff and all players
  • Be deemed marketable for TLM Partners
  • Abide by Heroes & Generals’ Terms & Conditions

Are you a big YouTuber and/or Streamer just starting out?

If the Content Creator program isn’t for you but you still seek a partnership, feel free to e-mail us here!
Join our growing list of existing Content Creators NOW!




By joining the Content Creator group you automatically agreed to the following NDA:

We try to keep an open atmosphere with our community, but it can still occur that occasionally we share information with you via Discord, PM or other communication channels that can’t be shared with others. For this reason, any information shared with you by your ‘colleagues’ or employees of TLM Partners, Inc. is not to be shared without explicit permission from an employee of TLM Partners, Inc. (preferably a Community Manager).

If you wish to share information but are unsure of its classification, feel free to ask if it can be shared. As any leaking of internal information to the public may have severe consequences for TLM Partners, Inc., should you be responsible for such a leak TLM Partners, Inc. reserves the right to take legal action against you and to close down or limit access to your Heroes & Generals game accounts.

* TLM Partners, Inc. reserves the right to terminate the program and approve or deny content for any reason.

** Requirements may be adjusted in future versions of the Content Creator Program