1.14 And new matchmaking

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I have now been waiting 10 min with my german recon for a battle, still no battle before this update i had to wait less then 2 minutes for a battle and the fact that im no able to queue for WAR and Assault at the same time is some BS. First of all why is infantry allowed to queue only against infantry? No recon, No planes, No tanks and no Para, I could understand if you allowed infantry only to queue up against paratroopers and recon but ONLY AGAINST OTHER INFANTRY? Where are all the Planes and Para and Recons supposed to go? You gave tankers there own gamemode but you cant' do that with Paratroopers and Recon so why not put them in with Capture and Hold Infantry?


And a second note:

Stop throwing me in to the "Progression" tab when i have already completed it Please


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Brunoski    210

Dont queue as a recon. That is a scrub move. Queue as infantry and then switch to recon if you want to play that useless class....but please only in stage.

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Galinet    69

I haven't kept up with the official announcements so this is only my opinion.


There have been a lot of complaints about recons ruining the [infantry] game, about recons being a cancer.  The same has been said about tanks, but not that much against the planes (although I thoroughly hate matches with medium and heavy planes, which can ONLY be killed by other planes).  I view this change as Reto's answer to these complaints, by creating matches against AI, with only infantry, or with every class (assault and war).


And yeah, I agree that not being able to queue for both assault and war was a bad move.


As @Brunoski mentioned, queue as infantry to quickly get into an assault match and then switch to your desired class once in the game.

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