South/North American Clan Recruiting (SE:VH)

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Português (Portuguese):
Nós somos a Sturm Elite: Vaterland Helden, um clã que joga no modo War (Guerra), e estamos recrutando. Temos um discord dedicado com um sistema de patentes e diversos canais. Somos mais ativos no período da noite, mas sempre temos jogadores online a tarde também. É obrigatório jogar de alemão no modo Guerra, APENAS no modo GUERRA. No modo Staged, pode jogar do que quiser.
 Se interessado, responda ao tópico.

Aceptamos personas que hablan español también.

We are Sturm Elite: Vaterland Helden, a mainly War clan, and we are recruiting. We have a dedicated discord with ranks and multiple channels. We are mostly active during nighttime (-3 GMT), most of our members speak english, some broken, some fluently. It is required that you play as German and German only in war mode. You can play as whoever you want in Staged mode. If interested, reply to this topic.

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Hitakee    4

Didn't you guys have HateFirm in your clan at some point?

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guido323    51

gran clan, compartimos varias batallas con algunos de sus integrantes!



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