Volksgrenadier-Division is now Recruiting!

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Volksgrenadier-Division is recruiting now!

Do you want to join our clan: Volksgrenadier-Division? We are German/English speakers with TeamSpeak. / Sucht jemand einen Clan? Wir suchen motivierte Mitspieler. Bitte melden.


Come and join our brotherhood!


Rules for recruiting:

+ You must have Teamspeak3/Microphone

+ You must play German Faction

+ You must speak ENG/GER


That’s all you need for joining our brotherhood!

Teamspeak IP:

You can contact with me or Wilfrith in TS 



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On 11.02.2018 at 8:54 AM, Yeomanroman said:

I'm interested in joining ;) Jump this TS server and try to contact with us mate or you can  try to contact us in game :) 


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