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Reto.Circinus    1,639

Welcome to the Map Talk forum! This is a place where you can discuss the old maps, but also provide realistic ideas for new maps.


When providing feedback about the current maps, please keep in mind to be as detailed as possible. For a Map Developer in his tools, the map looks a lot different as we see it. If you wish to provide feedback about specific locations, make sure to include screenshots with the minimap opened, so we know about which location you talk.


Having this section is no promise that all your ideas are taken into consideration, nor does this mean that the maps will be adjusted completely according to your feedback. This section allows a more separate environment for our Map Developers to look for inspiration and feedback when required.


If you are providing suggestions for new maps, be as detailed as possible. The current themes focus around Russian and French terrain. Examples of buildings and areas are always nice examples to have in photo's. Suggestion such as 'Implement a beach map, implement another town map' is not a valid constructive suggestion. Each new topic will have to be approved by a Moderator or Developer, topics not meeting the 'constructive' standard will not be approved.


In order to keep feedback about the current maps centralized, each map will have a separate topic. Whenever a map has received an update, the old topic will be closed and a new topic about the map will be created.


Moderation level: Moderate



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