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No more struggles with pesky plug-ins and troublesome browsers - with the release of the ‘Hallowes – XP for Friends’ update, Heroes & Generals moves away from the browser entirely.

If you have used the browser version of Heroes & Generals, you will need to download the new game client. Simply download the installer here and follow the instructions. The installer will automatically remove the old version of the game from your computer and install the new game client.

With the release of ‘Hallowes – XP for Friends’ the browser version is replaced by a new fully client-based game, that can be downloaded directly from the Heroes & Generals website for free. This stand alone version of the game can be played without the need to install Steam on your computer.

If you do play Heroes & Generals on Steam, this change has no impact on your game – the Steam-version of Heroes & Generals will continue to work just like you are used to.

As a player you will not experience any difference in game performance when moving from the browser based system to the new game client. The installer for the new game client will be made available as soon as the  ‘Hallowes – XP for Friends’ is released.


Browsers are a thing of the past

Browsers such as Chrome and Firefox are in the process of phasing out support for plugins needed to make a game like Heroes & Generals work. That is one of the main reasons why the game needs to move away from the browser.

There are also a number of advantage to moving to a fully client-based game.

One is that it simplifies development of Heroes & Generals not having to test everything in three different browsers. Now we just have to keep tabs on two similar versions of the game. This frees up resources, that we can reinvest in the game.

Another advantage is that the fully client-based game is better suited for future development plans and features – to put it simply, it makes it easier for us to make Heroes & Generals an even better game experience.

Known Issue: Game will not start on Windows 7

If you are running Windows 7 and cannot start the game, please take a look at this knowledge base article to get an easy workaround.

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