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I think that....

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zudaudx    0

I'd suggest to put more planes because the game is only one plane for 3 countrys After all in the second World War was used really many planes like:

Americans : Seversky P-35 , P-51 Mustang , Bristol Beaufighter , Boeing P-26 Peashooter , P-63 Kingcobra , P-39 Airacobra AND MORE !!!!

Rusians : Petlyakov Pe-8 , Tupolev Tu-2 , de Havilland Mosquito , Handley Page Hampden , Lavochkin La-5 , Yakovlev Yak-9 , Ilyushin DB-3 AND MORE

Germany : Arado Ar 197 , Arado Ar 240 , Dornier Do 17 , Focke-Wulf Fw 187 , Heinkel He 119 , Heinkel He 112 , Heinkel He 280 , Messerschmitt Me 262 , Messerschmitt Me 328 AND MORE !!!

so if u agree with me spreed the offer we need to show creators our idea

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Nemotoad    51

This thread is in the wrong subforum. As the wiki is player-run, we do not have control over content in the game. I recommend that this be moved to the Action Game Feedback subforum.

But yeah, more planes would be cool :3

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