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Africandave    179

The wiki has failed to gain traction over the last year and after steadily declining use, ever-fluctuating statistical values causing discrepancies, and no promotion by way of competitions/challenges or otherwise I am calling time on my role as admin there.

I have recommended baskerville, Brakke, and Nemotoad to be given more admin powers for editing the main page,clan pages, and other pages under protective status

Hi OOeyes,

Dave here from the Heroes and Generals Wiki, I would like to recommend Mjbaskerville, Brakke, Nemotoad123 to become Wiki Guardians to give them more tools to help out on the wiki, my role there will be declining as I have become occupied elsewhere. Thanks for all your help over the last year. Dave

I tried to promote the wiki as much as possible here on the forums as well as on steam and reddit. It is disheartening that thousands of gold vouchers can be given away through Twitch and other promotions but the wiki receive none. I may return once the game has been officially released in its entirety and values/images/UI/gameplay elements and solidified.

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Brakke    0

Sad to hear this Dave. We try to keep things together until you come back.

The migration to ID based updating of stuff is moving forward nicely, so hopefully we can put more time on the data organization/styling later on.

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