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Could we get the Soviet T-26 Model 1931 for the Soviet Tankers?

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Myllari1    3

It's basically a T-26 with a twin-turret configuration. The right side turret is for the commander and it is armed with a low-velocity 37mm gun and the left side turret is for a teammate and it's armed with a machine gun. It's basically just like the American M2A2, but for the Soviets and the commander now controls a 37mm gun instead of a 12.7mm machine gun.


Why am i asking for this tank to be added? Well let me give you few reasons why:

  1. When playing with friends it's often fun to use Tanks with multiple turrets like the US M2A2, M3 Lee and the Soviet T-28 Medium tank!
  2. Would not require much work from the developers to add to H&G as the tanks hull is the same on the T-26 Model 1933. The only difference is that the Model 1931 has two small turrets instead of one big turret.
  3. New content for a game that really needs it!

Here is a picture of the T-26 Model 1931!


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