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New plane mechanics and parts + Messerschmitt Me 262

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New plane parts, changes and mechanics and Me 262

Here are some ideas I have for the change of air battles. Sorry for possible bad english.

Let's get straight to the points.


Parts, changes and mechanics

-Heat and Radiation system

Needed for cooling of the plane. If you fly with more than standard power the plane will slowly heat up. At a specific temperature the plane and the engine will take damage. If the Radiation system gets destroyed the plane will overheat faster and it will not cool down unless the engines are off or it gets repaired. Destroying parts that burn (like fuel tank) will also increase heat.


-manuel landig gears

You can press a button to toggle the landing gear


-Plane wrecks

Similar to tank wrecks. When a plane crashes there will be a wreck for a short time instead of disappearing instantly.


-wing destruction

if a wing is destroyed but receives more damage it will rip off sending the plane tumbling to the ground


-set minimum and maximum speed a bit higher

The speed where a plane begins to tumble should be a bit higher. It would bring more dynamics to the fight and it will be harder to shoot planes down with tank rifles.


-Newer energy advantage mechanics

Pilots will have a higher energy when flying on higher altitude and can use it to fly over the planes normal speed limit. That energy can be used to fly to a high altitude again after a dive.

If the plane flies to fast the wings will tage damage.


-more resistance to tank rifles on plane hull

Tank rifles should do less damage to plane hull but keep damage against plane parts.


-changes to Pilot Vs Pilot mode

The bots in Pilot Vs Pilot modes should do more damage to pilots than normal and pilots should be unable to cap the point. This will make it harder for the loosing team to win by camping in the point. 

Depending on how far the capture bar of the point is, the winning team will take longer to respawn and the loosing team will respawn faster (rubberbanding)


-armored windows

low caliber and explosive ammonition should be unable to shoot through the front window of planes (pendending on planes


-changes of plane ammo

explosive ammonition should do more damage to the plane hull and wings

Armor piercing ammo should do more damage to plane parts except wings + can shoot through the front windows


-more damage from tank shells

Planes get more damage from tank shells

Damage will also dapend on ammo type


-pushing plane mechanic

The pilot should be able to push the plane backwards

If he gets a vehicle he can also tow the plane. This will avoid the loss of a plane if it stands infront of a boulder/tree.


-shooting during parachute

Pilots (and maybe paras) should ba able to shoot small firearms with low accuracy or melee during a parachute.


- alternative explosive loads

there will be subtypes of explosive loads:

Incendiary Bombs ( low explosive damage and fire damage to lightly armored vehicles and infantery)

Missiles (multiple missiles (depending on plane) that can do similar damage to vehicles like armor piercing tank shells but with a low explosive radius)

Explosive (standard bomb with high explosive radius and damage)


-bomb weight

The more playload a plane carries, the heavier it is.

That means it has a lower acceleration and is less maneuverable.


-Ammo/bomb refill mechanic

Bombs and ammo will have a 30% refill boost when landed



Messerschmitt Me 262

The Messerschmitt Me 262 would maybe be an interesting addition to the game.
There are multiple variants but I think the most promissing would be Me 262 A-1a "Schwalbe" or the Me 262 A-2a "Sturmvogel"


Me 262 A-1a "Schwalbe" armament would be:
4 x 30mm machine cannons 


Me 262 A-2a "Sturmvogel" would have:

2 x 30mm machine cannons

1 x 1000kg Bomb


Because The Me 262 is a two engine jet fighter it would be in a two engine fighter category. It is fast (it will be the fastest plane compared to the planes we have currently in the game) and has a good climb rate but it has problems with maneuvering. Together with the radiation mechanics it is easier to overheat. It will have a relatively high respawn time first because there where a relatively low number build compared to other planes in the game, second due to balancing. Due to balancing it should also maybe have less hull health than the other planes.



This plane can be used for Boom and Zoom tactics and to pick on planes that will fly on high altitude. It will have a hard punch and is fast but very vulnerable while turning and landing. Because it only have machine cannons it will also have less ammonition compared to other planes that have machine guns.


Before anyone says it doesn't fit into the game because there wheren't not enough build, the Me 262 was the first mass produced fighter jet in the world and there where with 1433 many more produced exemplars than from the Tiger II (487). 

But I can understand when people want to rather see the Stuka in the game than the Me 262.



What would you think to those ideas? And what do you think about the Plane idea? I am open for feedback and (friendly)discussions. 

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