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what's the best anti plane gun?

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I recently acquired the PTRS with my US soldier, but was a bit disapointed

it's very inacurate, and doesn't deal this much damage to plane, I think it got nerfed because it was really op before and pretty accurate

so what's the best anti plane gun rn?

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Tete_Brulee    28

When talking about shooting down planes with a ground base soldier (basically not using an other pilot), there are only 3 viable ways : AT rifles of some sort (+m18 recoiless) , an AA gun (either from the map or from the now car tech vehicules your infantry can spawn with) or a big loving LMG of some sort (mounted MG or m1919/Maximator tokarev)

- Starting with the infantry's MGs, they are arguably the most unreliable... Unless the plane is flying really slowly and close to you, you won't be able to inflict more than 30% hp of damage in one pass. Still they can be used to pretty effectively destroy one of the plane's wing, and annoy the crap out of the pilot without hindering much your capability to fight on the ground. All top tiers MG can do the job, the m1919 is the best one out of the 3.
Mounted MG the likes on cars and apcs, can do the job if you are able to aim (aka the vehicule is not moving, but I will highly advise NOT to shoot at a plane with a mounted mg from an apc...


On a side note, tanks except lights) can One shot a plane with an HE most of the time. But it is really unreliable as the shot will be really hard to take, and planes usually don't ungage tanks upfront but from above... GE tanks are the easiest to achieve kill n planes thanks to their fast shells and flat arcs.

- AT rifles are usually the main source of damage for infantry against planes. and are the most effective (in my opinion). Your 2 main options are the PTRD and PTRS. GE panzerbush is trash, it can get the work done but is inferiors to its competitor in almost every aspects.

PTRS is the most efficient, It can destroy a plane in 3 shots and in a single pass. Although it is highly inaccurate, you usually want to kill the plane when they are passing over you, and benefit as much as possible from the effect of surprise. Planes can avoid you by breaking their attack early. You can not effectively engage them, but you are also reducing their attack's effectiveness...
PTRD is the most reliable. With good mods and a bit of luck, you can destroy an aircraft in 2 hits. It is a lot more accurate than PTRS, but you usually will miss a lot less shots, since you are both more accurate and will take your shots more carefully since you only have one shot per attempts. Also, PTRD it the AT rifle that deal the most damage with a single shot. (but is still way outclassed bay the PTRS mag potential).
A note can be done about the M18 recoiless. Its shell velocity can make it hit planes. And its damage usually one shot (or close to oneshot) any planes. But in the end, it is still tag as a bazooka. It is crazy expensive compared to an AT rifle. The shot are still hard to hit and need a lot of practice to get a good grip at. Also the sight is not the best, and you will have to guess more often than you will actually aim... I don't recommend this one, even if it is the funniest, and most satisfying of them all...


- Last about AA guns. If you have access to a GE Flak, forget everything and GO FOR IT. GE Flak are completely broken and easily win any face-off against any plane. It can destroy any plane in half a clip, and even if the plane survived, you usually leave him crippled and basically force him to land and repair. Only way for the plane to win against a GE Flak is either manage a sneak attack while you are looking away. Approach the Flak using evasive maneuver (still risky) and land a successful bomb, or destroy the Flak while it is still empty.
Car-mounted flaks work the same. You just trade your ability to shoot close to the ground by being able to shoot from wherever you want. I would still recommend to switch position after one or 2 barrages, as you usually quickly become a priority target for the pilots.

SU and US AA guns are a lot less effective in comparison... I Prefer using my PTRS over theses... PTRS can deal more damage and the pilots usually need some times to determine your position, whereas with AA guns, you are usually spotted in seconds after you open fire.

In my personal opinion, PTRS is still the king at destroying planes with an inf. You still need the enemy pilot to give you a good opportunity to destroythem (which most of them do usually give to you), but it one of the only 2 weapons that can destroy a plane in one pass (with the hella' expensive m18 recoiless.... If you don't like PTRS, PTRD can do wonders too, depending on your playstyle. Also if you have a homie that also have one of the 2 SU AT rifle, destroying planes become suddenly very easy.

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