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Enemy not highlighted in a point

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Rock.87    163

its been 3rd time that enemy has not been highlighted in the point and i got 0 notification about that....normally when enemy comes to the point  the point icon shows how many enemies ve arrived or

i ve heard that u r going to shut down the h&g forum..is it true?

present in the point.. i was killed thrice cuz of this in war... i am a dedicated general and use large ats with continuous fps playing to play war ( check my log details, used to play hng for 30 to 40 hrs non stop )

and i believe that every single spawn in war is extremely important cuz sometimes it really matters.

This bug is very annoying for gameplay as well...so plz check it and fix it... it was fixed once b4....

The other thing is that generals map has become extremely slow after the last scheduled server down. it was perfect b4 it for a long time. plz fix it cuz its impossible to make in time perfect moves.

i again repeat that do something for paras and medium planes and tanks cuz these things ve not been available in the beginning of war for years. ive not been able to use them at all , that's not a good development feature. must fix it.



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