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aksa1029    0

why used website version?)

https://heroesandgenerals.com/ (website version)


There is no bug in the website version
However, platform versions such as Steam and Epic Games have many bugs
website version no have file error and more get fps, no usage bug



[User modified gun sound] (in-game file modified)


you can get the more reality gun sound



[This is a link that explains why the interface drops the frame rate]



[This is a setting that makes the user find graphics better]


[This is the setting I found] (in-game console setting) (not working now...)
streamer.maxvideomemory=1 (Very Low)
streamer.maxvideomemory=512 (High)
streamer.maxvideomemory=0 <Now Default> (very High)


cpu usage, fps boost, gpu usage)

[Frame limit and setting value]

checking your graphics card and set up the HnG.exe (In-game program)





[Radeon chill info]
Min fps (not looking program)<setting low OR same Max fps>
Max fps (looking program)<base Fps, Set High Fps>


[Frame limit setting value] = 240


[Recommended value] (V-Sync and more...)
30, 60, 75, 120, 144, 240, 360, Custom, 999


Frame rate limit is fix the fps drop problem
It solves the cpu usage, gpu usage


have fun guys!


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aksa1029    0

reto need the restore streamer.maxvideomemory, graphic setting, fps limit setting

Don't used V-sync is have input lag

used fps limit help your play

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