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WW2 money and an older bonus

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RobertTGM    8

Been a while since i posted anything i guess. Anyway, here are WW2 coins and banknotes from my collection i got a while ago and a bonus older coin (I also have a Norwegian coin from that time, but im too lazy to find it in my album).



- Croatia 1000 kunas 1941, puppet state

- 10 dinara 1944, Yugoslav partisans



- 2 francs 1943. Vichy France

- 1 pengo 1941. Hungary

- 2 pengo 1941. Hungary

- 1 franc 1943. Belgium

- 50 centesimi 1940. Italy

- 5 centesimi 1941. Italy

- 1 reichspfennig 1944.B (Vienna mint) Third Reich


Bonus silver coin (pre WW2 but still same axis government, also not spreading ideology or any of that crap, just showing history), i think you can guess which one it is :) :




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