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Heroes & Generals
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69. Stonks Division is looking for you

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Tenkaitexx    0


We are an upcoming clan with a focus on an efficient gameplay.

After coming back to the game, watching the dissolution of Total Axis and the loss of structure we want to go back to the more competing form of Heroes&Generals - that is what this clan is for.



Why should you join us? We got:

- short and precise in game calls

- a squad-based TeamSpeak3- system with pre-defined clear tasks

- AT-Coordination for stonks

- experienced, somewhat friendly players to guide and teach



If you want to take a look into a clan that does get sh*t done in an effective manner and talks socializes in between, consider joining us.


We require only an adult age and behaviour.

Due to the more competetive nature of our clan experience and skill are favourable, but all levels of knowledge are welcome. Remember: Apes together strong.


For now our limitation in size would be described as "familiar atmosphere" by marketing, but our approach should be worth it.


Join us on our teamspeak server: stonks.zap-ts3.com



See you soon!




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