Missing Soldiers in the action game

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Borgward    11

I am not able to select some of my top soldiers during an action game. The issue, in my opinion is because I already have 32 soldiers.

Soldier 31 has been obtained via Pilot Bundle.

Soldier 32 has been provided as a reward for 112 days of playing.

What bothers me is that at this temp, by hitting day 365 (and I intend to do so) - I will have 4 more soldiers (tanker, para, recon, pilot) and this will cause me to loose the ability to use more soldiers...

I guess I am not the only one affected - please handle the situation in a way that will allow us to use all our soldiers.

Some photos below, showing the issue:


I don't see why infantry or para classes are affected, in rounds where there are no Pilots, tankers, or recon present.

adding info

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OC_Ludwig    505

This is annoying, but this is how the game is intended to be. The 30 soldier limitation per faction is not going to go away. I suggest you consider promoting some of your existing soldiers to generals or request Support to remove those soldiers. Alternatively, I'd suggest not redeeming the daily reward if you don't really need the new soldiers. Working as intended



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