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EneCtin    162

You may have 5k infantry and whatever else in a town, your team is as good as the 20 nutheads getting to play that match. What is the advantage of having a extensive garrison? Nill.

So, each AT has the option to join in fortifying a town (casemates, minefields, MG emplacements, antitank batteries, antitank  obstacles whatever their name is etc), canceling movement for an hour while fortifications are erected (in a RTS sense, though all those bonus structures might be included later in the FPS game), or pushing ahead. Up to 5 fortifications on a city and 3 otherwise. Loosing a match destroys one fortification. A city cannot be taken while fortifications are still unconquered at the location. Under siege fortifications cannot be erected. You'd need 4 wins in a continuous battle to whittle down 3 forts and finally to take the town (you can loose battles but need a win before the enemy can build again). A large army can fortify faster the town. Fight in a town you've contributed to, and you get a bonus of some sort, to compensate time not spent pushing battles.


This way, there is a bit of strategy to this. An enemy must be stronger in several matches in a row to push the front. Do you push onwards or do you fortify what you gained, making the recapture harder?


You could also fortify the city against a certain threat, like strong AAA defences - no airplanes allowed, or no Tanks , etc. Attacking team gets to vote which fortification do they fight to take down during the match. They might have airforce  nearby, paras or bombers, they might choose to open that avenue...or to negate not having tanks of their own...


Possibilities are reasonable if not great.

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Lored1    40

I am not saying that I like 100% everything what you are saying, but in essence, interesting approach. Alas likely the expensive and hard to code/create.


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Sturmfliege    131

Let us all dream on on what H&G could be... Thanks for your spirit.

  • "->RTS , I still love you." "RTS-makeover, I would merry you"

Nearly 10 years of waiting.

Built an army of 13900 men + 900 tanks + 130 APCS + cars + motorbikes + 130 x FockeWulf + 160 x Recce_Henschel  + 420 x light tanks + 126 x med tanks + 52 heavyT+  70 x tank destroyers + 800  paratrooper + 

and you just dont need them. There is nothing to do. 

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