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I Think I Finally Got My AVS-36 Setup Correct (for Me). YMMV

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Snots    8

I have had the AVS-36 for a long time. I think my setups have been too high of rpms, too high power, or both. I haven't messed with the setup for a while and was using my DT-29 infantry guy as my go-to assault guy. I finally did a serious revisit to the AVS-36 and did a major slow down. My new setup is at 543 rpm and somewhere in the 42 - 44 damage range (hard to tell from the chart).


  • 7N1 Sniper round
  • PU (Infantry) Scope
  • Field Trigger Job
  • No Spring
  • URAH-2 Heavy Barrel

This is a lot more stable and easier to handle than what I was using before. My extended bursts are more accurate. My former setups were better for extremely close range, but deteriorated as distances and burst durations increased. The scope is a lot more useful with this setup also. I still have to mess with the Type D Heavy Ball round...




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