nostalgia thread !!!

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obit321    14

Dear h&g  players , 


I have been playing tis game since around 2015 or 2016, and I recently came across old h&g videos on youtube. 

So I think that i would be a lot of fun if all old players post old screenshots or videos you find or have in the comments of this post so we can se the evolution of the game! 


I shall start with a screenshot from 17 november 2018. I still remember defending ot attacking a point while having a fight with an aa gun, it just looks like it has been true hell, althoug the damage was minimal.




And another screen from 2017, december I think where i managed to land my motercycle on some of those pallets i guess and died while trying to take a screenshot.




Have fun getting some nostalgia

post below!





Ps, who remembers that on the village skirmisch map, the b point in the forest used to be a sunken village? (  time: 0:55) 

video link

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