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United States lower weapons

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I wonder when Reto will stop favoring the Germans and Russians with the best weapons. It's amazing that you play in a faction and have to keep releasing weapons from other factions in order to try to be competitive. A clear lack of professionalism in a company that is favoring a faction at the request of the players instead of balancing all weapons.

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s.M.x    5

Minha opinião


Melhores armas do jogo levando em conta:

1: OP sem modificação.

2: OP com modificação.


Fuzil de ferrolho: Mozin / Su / 1 / 2

Fuzil semiautomático: Svt / Su / 1 / 2

Rifle de assalto: AVS / Su / 1 / - Stg44 / Ge / 2

Metralhadora: Mg42 / Ge / 1 / 2

Submetralhadora: Ppsh / Su / 1 / 2

Anti aérea: PTRS / Su / 1 / 2

Anti tanque: Bazuka M9A1 / Us

Granada anti tanque: H3 / Ge


Pela experiência que tive com essas armas tenho que concordar.

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