greetings everyone :D

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Hello, you may have seen me in war with the same name, or don't know me at all since I mainly play east european server

I just wanted to join the community since I reach the 500h cap, don't espect me to be very active though
I have 500 hours, 150 with tanks

I am generally top 5, almost always top 1 if there is tank because I am an absolute tank slayer
contrary to the allies, I have a strict migration policy, so I don't give a VISA to the first tank hunter that get into our spawn to find a job, sorry buddy
I find planes terribly frustating, and will pray for a viable AA weapon
I dropshot a lot, never camp, like to use my camo by sneaking from bushes to bushes
I am not incredibly good, you will probably not never me going 150/20 like some M42 player, but I still do a good job
I don't understand why US weapons are so bad, except the 1919 that is a sniper with 100 bullets, else it's just... bad

I am doing well in RTS, but whenever I go to sleep my AT get attacked even in the deepest spot, retreat in a choke point, and get surrounded by 5 lane, also I am not always a vet so I can't always play RTS


I only have one main soldier :
1919 , knife because it's fun, big healing kit
heavy set, dead eye


and my tank slayer
revolver, zooka M9A1 with 9 round
iron fist, fast reload


the rest are special soldier, like my repair guy, mine guy, inf sniper

I have maxed recon, without invisible killcam badge though
maxed plane, but I HATE planes
2 maxed tanker, one for light and one for the rest

I have a general, and won't get any other because I was kinda frustate to lose my last main for this crap


I really enjoy tank, and am kinda good at it actually, but I still don't understand why my opponent seems to do more damage that I do even if I switch faction
my tank achievements :
50 killstreak with a hellcat, could be more if resuplying wasn't taking 3min
17 tank killstreak, could be more if I didn't missclick and scroll out, got insta HS by gobatchov cheatallthetime, aka a SU player with a tokyarev at 100 metter
destroying a tiger 2 with a stuart, was the other tanker a monkey? I dunno. maybe he had Parkinson ?


if you want to insult me because you got killed by one of my weapon and found the name stupid,  feel free to do

if you have any friendly message for me, like "thank you for saving my life that one time at Jindřichův Hradec" well I will be glad :D


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mambooman    214

The m1/m2 is far from a bad weapon.  It is legit.  It is actually quite useful at medium range now.

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the m1m2 used to be godlike at close range, and good at medium

now it's just a bad strumgewehr, they have reduced the firerate too much, also the hipfire spread is a lot bigger

compared to the strum and AVS, it just get completly outmatched in every way, so I wonder why you think it's a good weapon

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NJCQEC    87

Honestly? US weapons are just watered down GE weapons at this point. 

It's incredible really, take the BAR and it's GE counterpart the MG13, the MG13 is crazy stable compared to the bar, and has higher ROF (modded or unmodded). Not only that, but the BAR isn't as good for Bipod range as the MG13. I'd consider the BAR to be a worse version of the MG13. 

Johnson is okay, however IF GE infantry could mod and easily get the FG42, It'd be it's sh*tty counterpart. The sights with a combination of smoke/horrible recoil, it's just not fun to use at Mid-Range, it has the stats of an OP weapon, but it just sucks.

M1919 is... god awful, sure you have the damage and nearly 700 RPM, but that doesn't count for crap when you add the Recoil, Smoke, and the live fish the gun is when you shoot it. I'd honestly rather use the MG424 for Long Range than that, even with the Bipod, it has the recoil of an AVS. 

Carbine is trash, as you said, sh*tty STG that isn't good for Mid Range. I've also found it to be Pricey, it's incredible how much it vacuums up your credits when using Bullet + ROF. And let's mention how every GE believes that the carbine is OP because it hits headshots like an MP40, it's honestly like they've never picked one up.

Overall the US weapons are pretty bad, If somebody said "why should I join US faction?" I'd say "Don't. You'll regret it." 
They need some buffs, Johnson needs a 25 mag and better recoil control with Bipod, M1919 needs better recoil in general, Carbine needs it's ROF toned down with higher damage and stability, and BAR just needs to go (Can't fix that) 

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skanki    53
On 12/28/2020 at 7:57 PM, NJCQEC said:

Honestly? US weapons are just watered down GE weapons at this point. 

Don't worry, it'll all get fixed when you can finally mod your capped StG, no more calling US weapons a watered down GE guns!

As for the others, you guys don't use them anyway, do you?

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