Reto development cycle reverse engineered and exposed

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New PPSh model. How did they do it?

Step 1. Make the model and new textures
(From Trello about Physical Based Rendering, 2018)

Step 2. Wait for a couple of years doing nothing

Step 3. Plan texture overhaul, by now you have created two (2) obsolete textures. 

Step 4. Research 

Step 5. Use reference. In this case, an airsoft gun
PPSH-41 Blowback (S&T) - AEG - Airsoft AEG - Rifles - Airsoft Online shop -  airsoftzone.com

Step 6. Probably wait some more

Step 7. Release

Step 8: Don't profit

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viktor.oven    41

But its damage is like from BB gun (especially now). Soo everything is accurate. But i still love it, any change is good.

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