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Taazar321    2

I got my 7 day reward of 3 random ribbon boosters however one of them was an error. Thinking that maybe it was only the text bugging I checked every character for every faction to see which boosters I had and I can confirm that I only received 2 boosters, "M1919 MG Specialist" and "Panzer III Specialist".




Edit: I found a post on reddit that shows others seem to be having this issue as well: 


Edit: Proof from another user they are also having the same issue: 


Edit: It's been another 7 days since and I got another ribbon reward and guess what, again another one of them was invalid:



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Taazar321    2

Found another user on Reddit who claims to have had this happen to 3 of his 5 ribbons however he didn't take a screenshot before closing it: 


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