Game crashing when loading the FPS tab

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Nexus29    0

Hello everyone, I hope that somebody will be able to help me.

My game keeps crashing when entering fps mode, closing the entire game, I've tried every solution I found on internet so far including re instaling drivers, turning off the low latency in the Nvidia control panel ect, ect...

Each time that I check the game files with the steam tool (properties->local files->verify...) it says that 2.5Gb can't be found and I have t reinstall them.

Everything was running ok until I updated my drivers yesterday.


pc specs : I7 9th gen, GTX 1660TI, 16GB ram

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Shigy7    3

I have the same issue, but I found a way to "trick" it into working. I run a laptop that has a 1660TI, but I have the FPS application run on a second, larger monitor. What I did was in the NVidia control panel, I set the heroesandgenerals.exe to run with the integrated Intel chipset. With that set and in the Windows settings having the laptop screen as my main monitor, I launch the game client (flash menu, soldier selection). Once the game is up and running, but before I join a battle, I will go into the Windows settings and make my second, larger monitor my main display. Once you do that, you can find a battle and it will launch the FPS client on my larger monitor. Funny thing is, it will also use the NVidia 1660TI and not the Intel chip even though it's set for Intel. 


I had tried everything else, and just stumbled upon that by accident. Good luck.


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SirHeresy    537

You may want to try the following.  If you just want to try and reset your settings first before reinstalling just rename the H&G folders under AppData that are listed below.


1. Uninstall the game

2. Rename or delete the following folders:

     %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Heroes and Generals


     If installed via Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Heroes & Generals

     If installed via standalone client: C:\Program Files (x86)\Heroes & Generals

3. Reinstall

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