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Historical balance of tanks

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Good time of day.
The balance of selection of tanks in the game is not perfect, because the game also has weak and strong tanks. As a rule the first is the war, and the second machine end of the war. But in an average fight, there are both.
Such battles are not equal, because as a rule, players quickly dismount from entry-level tanks to infantry and go with grenade launchers to hunt tanks at the end of the war, or stop developing the "Tankman"class altogether.
The situation with the separation of LT in separate battles on the map "Luneville" did not solve the problem of initial tanks, because the level of weapons and armor of their opponents is superior within the LT class.
But also outside the LT class there are outsiders created before the war and quickly dropped out during it. Therefore, the division of fights by class is impractical. In addition, this greatly limits the possibility of expanding the tank fleet.

I suggest replacing the current balance mechanics of selecting equipment for fights.
The new mechanics will be based on the division of equipment into "shooting Ranges".
Each shooting range is based on a combination of firepower and equipment reservation. And the order of cars in shooting ranges corresponds to the order of their opening in the order of pumping stripes "Attack on armored vehicles".

For more information, see the image.


Such mechanics will allow you to add new cars in the future without linking them to classes.


For war, these give the following alignment for pumping " Tank assault groups"




Under the question mark, a machine-gun tank is required. This may be the American t-16 tank.



The T-16 tank had a two-man crew (commander and driver) and an armament of two .30 (7.72 mm) Browning machine guns (the second was anti - aircraft); a riveted structure and suspension with vertical spiral springs. But since anti-aircraft machine guns have not yet been implemented in our game, the T-16 fits perfectly into the concept of an anti-personnel initial tank. And puts it on the same level of firepower as the PZ.1 and T-38.



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А ты упрямый, надо отдать тебе должное. Глупый, но упрямый)

Если ты хочешь какого-то обсуждения со стороны иностранцев - размещай такое не здесь, в русском болоте, а в главных темах форума.

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