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Levochkin - flying PPSh?

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Lump_Beskit    6

I just bought it today n... After 3 battles for me it feels like a flying PPSh. U shoot alot of bullets very fast but at the end only 1/3 of them seems to deal any DMG. So here's my question - is it any better w/ BZT or is it the same POS or was it just me n some lagged asian server on wich ppl had 250ms, like... 3 times?

Cuz, srsly... The best moment: I was going behind some guy wich was probably AFK or something (yes, pilot was still in there)... He was flying in a straight line, I've shoted him at least 10-20 times, got 1+1EXP for it n had to fire another 20-30 shots to finally take him down.

For now I think I'm gonna stay w/ Jak cuz w/ this one I'm at least capable to deal any DMG.

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