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rambos have every advantage

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Count_Jester    24

Rambos can switch back and forth between their AT inf and what ever inf with NO timer but as a tanker sometimes i need to wait 2 plus min.  Rambos get to constantly spawn with vehicles, vehicles with supply crates to have ans endless supply of AT's or panzerfaust. Rambos can sneak up behind tankers effortlessly.  Our inf NEVER gives support because they are chasing tanks.  Now I'm constantly get spawn camped by rambos.  It needs to stop!!    Tankers constantly get stuck on EVERY little rock.  You stick your head out to avoid rocks you get sniped.   H.E.  is absolute trash now.  You try to drive far off the combat area to fix you are chased.  ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  This needs to change.

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