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im are a new player on h&g i need to know what the best to do for rank up faster 

Regards German0918

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stones77    215


To rank up fast, you need high scores from battles (TAB key by default when ingame). The more points you make on the board for this battle, the even more XP your soldier gets after that battle.

I often do captures for XP (those enemy locations to get into to make it yours). And if you just got the cap, stay inside for a while because every kill you make while defending your now own cap will make you really much XP! Also, if you have tanks at your side and they need repair, get a wrench and just repair them. Every twist with the wrench on a tank, car, anti-air-gun or even bicycle will get you more points (Only for things you never owned, for example you get into an AA gun and repair it afterwards, you only get very few XP - do it the other way around, first repair and then get into for the first time, you get much XP for that repair).

Also if you own a spawn truck, bring it near your current objectives. Your teammates will spawn inside that truck and you get XP for every soldier spawning inside them (Not for bots in staged).


If you own an SMG or LMG and you think you are ready to have a harder time, try the map Krepost in staged. There, you can cap the objectives in an insane speed and the map is much smaller. This map can quickly become a mess for new players so be warned and get out if you think it is too hard - there are prettier maps to go then.



See you on the battlefield, comrade!

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spykitty358    19

Much like the comment above says, going for objectives is useful and can really benefit you early.

The more rank your soldier makes the more credits he will earn in combat, typically if i am grinding i usually like to run an smg although since i play US i usually just use M1/M2 Carbine but that's a weapon you get at the end of the tree sadly and something like this is what you'd wanna grind for. which is why the first smg is usually decent but the second smg is even better but still quite a ways away. But even now i stick to just the default rifle without mods because it's usually quite cheap and effective in pretty much any scenario we're the smg would lack range.. You can also get some good XP for killing tanks so if your ever able to pick up a panzerfaust it's an effective way to earning XP and credits. Now you could always have an anti tank role but sadly this chews through a lot of credit, so unless you wanna earn XP and not credits it's a bad idea to do this early career. Also if a plane flies low enough try to see if you can tap them with a bullet, the way it registers plane kills is when a pilot crashes it's who ever was the last person to damage him will claim the kill. Normally if the plane is seriously damaged they will wanna land and repair, sometimes this games level design likes to cheese pilots and cause them to crash anyway so sometimes taking quick shots at planes can be beneficial in the end.

But yea all in all staying in points, sticking with armor and getting kills is the best way to level up (Do all these 3 in one and you can get a lot of XP)

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