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So many people in the H&G community have been experiencing game crashes, this topic will contain many possible fixes so please read the whole thing.


Please do keep in mind, this topic is not published by reto so everything said isn't official. I myself don't have much experience in this type of field either. In the case of anything going wrong throughout the process, i will not be responsible. Please continue at your own risk!



Lets get started!


1. Download / update your drivers. A big cause for crashes can be because of outdated drivers, or not even having them in the first place. First i will cover how to remove drivers with DDU, then how to re-download them and after that updating drivers for both Nvidia and AMD users.


When downloading new drivers, it is important that we first remove the OLD drivers. Please download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) Here:


Once downloaded and installed, create a desktop shortcut. Then, boot into safe mode. 

To boot into safe mode, please do the following: 

1. Press the "Windows key" + "R" at the same time, this will open up Run. If this doesn't work for you, please simply search in windows for "Run" and press enter.



2. Once Run is open, please type "msconfig" (No commas) and press enter



3. Once msconfig is open, navigate to the Boot tab, and click the box so there IS a checkmark next to Safe boot. 



4. Click apply, and simply restart. You will be promoted on screen, please click restart. Or you can deny it and manually restart. 



5. Once in Safe mode, instantly go into msconfig the same way you got there as before, and un tick the "Safe boot" box option. 

6. Open the Display Driver Uninstaller .exe

7. Select Nvidia or AMD depending who made your graphics card.

8. Click "Clean and restart" 




Once the restart is complete, you will have no drivers installed and all previous files will be gone. Please do install your drivers inside of normal windows (Not in safe mode) 


Downloading drivers for Nvidia users:
1. Search for "Nvidia drivers" in google or visit
2. On the drop down boxes, fill in the required fields depending on what graphics card you have. If you aren't sure what graphics card you have, please download a program called GPU-Z, it will tell you everything about it. Download here:
3. Once all drop down boxes are filled in corresponding to your graphics card, click search.

4. Click "Download"
5. I won't cover the installation process, but please be sure to do a "Clean install" Look this up on youtube for more information.


Downloading drivers for AMD users:
1. Search for "AMD Graphics card drivers" or visit
2. You can either search, or manually fill in the fields. Both will end up with the same download, so it doesn't really matter how you do it. If you aren't sure what graphics card you have, please download a program called GPU-Z, it will tell you everything about it. Download here:


3. If you want to search, click the drop down box and find your graphics card. Click it, and then click submit at the bottom
4. If you want to manually search, scroll up or down and find whatever series graphics card you are using, and keep clicking the pop up windows on the right and fill in the required info. Click submit once complete.
5. Click Windows 10 - 64-bit Edition (Obviously only if you have windows 10, which most users do) 
6. Find the "Recommended" driver, and click download.

7. Please do a "Clean install" Look this up on youtube for more information.


Updating drivers for Nvidia users:
1. Open "GeForce Experience" by either right clicking on the desktop, or searching for it.
2. Navigate to the "Drivers" area and click on it directly
3. Click download





Updating drivers for AMD users:
1. Open "Radeon software" by either right clicking on the desktop, or searching for it.
2. Click the little settings "cog wheel" ico near the upper right hand corner.
3. Click "System" which can be found near the top left.
4. Click download



Once you have updated / downloaded your new drivers, please open Heroes & Generals, and check to see if you are still experienceing the same issues as before. If you are, continue reading. 


2. Trying out previous drivers. If the most recent drivers don't work, you can try downgrading to older drivers. To find older drivers simply search in google

" (Graphics card name) previous drivers. " 


If you have a Nvidia graphics card you can find all previous driver versions for your specific card here:


For AMD however there isn't 1 big search feature but you can still simply search for then name of your graphics card followed by previous versions.

I will previous driver versions for the 5700XT, 5700, 5600XT and 580.



5700 (NON XT)




Please again use DDU to uninstall the old drivers in safe mode, and then re-install them in normal windows.


3. Turning off "Low latency" mode (ONLY FOR NVIDIA USERS)

This setting has apparently been causing many issues amongst nvidia users, i personally don't have a nvidia card so i haven't experienced it. Please go into your nvidia control panel settings and make sure "Low latency" mode is set to OFF.


4. Disable DX12 in Heroes & Generals settings. 


1. Open the "Settings" menu 



2. Make sure the Dirext X 12 box isn't ticked.



5. Steam integrity check.


If you play Heroes & Generals through steam, verifiying your files may help. To do this please follow the below steps.


1. Open steam, and click "Librabry"

2. Right click on Heroes & Generals, and click properties



3. Click the "Local files" tab and then click "Verify integrity of game files..."



This might take a while depending on if you have done it before or not, but this will basically search for any missing files.


6. Uninstalling and reinstalling.


To uninstall on steam, simply right click on Heroes & Generals, go into properties, local files, and then uninstall (Its in the same "Local files" window shown above) Once the uninstall is complete, visit the Heroes & Generals steam store page and re-download the game.

1. To uninstall the standalone client, search for "Control panel" 



2. Click on "Uninstall a program" under the Programs tab



Find "Heroes & Generals" and right click, and then click uninstall or just double click. 



Once uninstalled, re download from 


7. Changing how long your drivers have before crashing via registry editor

Please visit 

I will copy and paste all info from this thread here, incase it gets deleted.  All credit to u/_Yank 



Follow the steps below.


Press the windows and R key (it pops out the Run dialog) and type regedit (to open the Registry Editor). Then you go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers directory, right click on the right panel, Go to New and then Dword (to create a new value). Named it TdrDelay then right click it, press on Modify, write 30 and hit Ok. Then go to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\GraphicsDrivers\DCI directory (just inside the previous one) and do the same thing you did in the previous directory but this time name the value it as Timeout. Then, reboot the machine and BOOM, you can play this game again! The game is now loading and working just fine, no more 10 FPS shizzle, 60FPS out of the box!


Why does this happen ?


Well it is quite hard to explain, will try to give a soft, not-so-accurate explanation… Since Vista, Windows implemented a "system" to automatically restart the GPU driver in case of failure to avoid BSODs and similar errors that may need the computer to restart to get the GPU completly working again (in this case, it would automatically restart the GPU driver if the GPU took more than 2 seconds to render 1 frame.). As this game is still in beta, there’s some things still need to be optimized and the game loading is probably one of these things, it probably tries to load too much things at once or there’s a code leak and it makes your GPU hang, passing the 2 seconds mark.


What does the fix do ?


It increases the timeout of the automatic gpu restart that is mentioned above from 2 seconds to 48. Anyway you should consider this as a workarround and as soon as this is fixed in the game you should delete that 2 values you created on the registry editor.


8. Integrated graphics option (Nvidia users)

Credit to u/NASTROSITY "go to "manage 3D settings" then "program settings" and select "Heroes & Generals(hng_be.exe)" from drop down list and select Integrated graphics option. Apply the changes. Now it is working for me fine with the nvidia drivers installed. And the game is running on nvidia gpu only worked for me hope it helps!"


9. Updating BattlEye


Please visit and download the latest "Windows" version of BattlEye (Make sure to run it as an Administrator when installing) 


10. If none of these methods seem to fix your crashing, please do email support at (Login with your normal Heroes & Generals game account details) And submit a ticket there. They will get back to you eventually, with some possible fixes.


I will update this thread with any new info that comes out related to game crashes. I'm sorry if i couldn't help you...


Thanks for reading,




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kokosak98    0

Dobrý den, 

Ovladače mám aktualizovaný a furt mi to padá, když se připojím do bitvy. nevím co s tím už.:(


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sergelouie2    6

I'm amazed how this issue isn't fixed yet considering that most GTX 16**s and RTXs are experiencing this one. Imagine the number of people that own this cards now. I don't want to downgrade my driver either. HnG will take a big hit in declining player numbers for this if they won't make this their top priority. It's sad to say, after playing for 1000+ hours that this game is indeed dying.

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sergelouie2    6

So here's how I fixed mine thanks to Shigy7's suggestion.

If you have a laptop like Lenovo Legion (mine is), enable Hybrid Mode in the Lenovo Vantage app.


This dynamically uses the integrated graphics and dedicated graphics depending on the apps you are using. The problem with mine is that I disabled it so it was running my RTX 2060 the whole freaking time even when I was just browsing the web. The problem occurs when the game switches from the menu to the game, it crashes I don't know why yet but maybe because the menu uses the dedicated which is not designed to utilize it? When you enable Hybrid Mode or any feature that is similar to Hybrid Mode of my laptop (just search for it), the menu will now use the integrated graphics (Intel HD Graphics) and use the dedicated graphics for the game (RTX 2060).

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