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Pelyn    11

As far as I saw there are no main styles. Everything looks the same, no tracks of destroyed walls, everything is just perfect. It's weird how church on field airfield has a huge hole in it's side, but the rest of the town is just fine. I know destroyable buildings would kill the game, but how about you just make them already destroyed?

Also all we have is literally 6 models:

Emil plane, M3A2 wreck, house with 2 floors and attic, church, bridge and open wooden storage hut (Don't count small props as radios or boxes). Can we get various things like shops, flats or manors? It's really boring to play on map with the same models all over again.

Another suggestion: Capture points should have sensible hints on why are they so important. Example? Church. There's nothing in it, what's the point of capturing half destroy building with some benches in it? Waste of time...

These details would make it feel like it's taking place in a real town and not in "Nuke Town".

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