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New Encounter and weapon unlock suggestion

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Ancolius    35

The map is a bombed railway where a supply train is parked in either a forest or desert where the train needs to be captured.

By capturing the train random enemy faction weapons will spawn in the cart.

Pistols and a random new weapon like for e.g. the flamethrower or any other new future weapon that is added.


Why add the weapon spawns.

As for the pistols, its pretty hard to unlock them since not many people carry just a pistol to drop.

The other random weapon like e.g. the flamethrower is to have it function as a captured enemy weapon moderating the use on the battlefield giving you the chance to buy it after you passed x-level on the weapon and getting the full unlocks if it is your factions weapon.


The other advantage is that adding weapons this way would not change the unlock trees and give an equal chance to have it unlocked by high and lower level players and give a chance to make minor changes to weapons without having a large impact


The third one is to allow for weapons that wouldn't be faction mainstream weapons like different versions of weapons like for example the AVT-40, the thompson drummag and the MG13 with AA sights just to name a few. or to add lend-lease, or allied factions weapons making it easier to add sub-factions in the future.


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