a new tanker vs tanker map

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oke hear me out i think reto should reuse the old tanker vs tanker map for a skirmish map with infantry because the problem is and people cant seem to agree is that the map is a gaint valley meaning new player in light tanks get sniped from spawn but a vet in a heay tank because of the dubble zoom dont get me wrong in a good looking map but i say we use that map for skirmish matchs and make a new tank vs tank map and my idea is the battle of kursk it might sound dumb but hear me out the area around kursk in that time was mostly plains farm field mayby a house or 2 some swappy areas and lots of hedges and fences mean not a lot for infantry but great for tanks like the actual battle and reto if you guys want to go completly nust you can combine it with planes why the hell not for creation you guys at the map department have already many assets for such a map like that so you guys could implement it realy easy and the area at the time was mosly flat and rural  it would make a great map for new tankers to try out oke as for a counter statement from the people hear me out you guys might think that  a heavy tank can still snipe light tanks out this is where the hedges and rural buildings swamps and the occasionally little tree patch meaning that light tanks can hide much easier then there bigger counter parts and because its so flat and mosty open area it means lots of flanking plays and light are much faster the heavy and i mean much faster (looking at you bt7 and luch)you can easily kill a heavy from the back and the hedges makes it so they can hide behind it because you have to destroy to hedges before you can see the other side 


(ps i could not find any go pictures of the area but i think i have explained as good as I can so mayby this will help you guys)


so this is my idea let me know if you agree disagree  or want to remove or add an idea to it love to hear you guys opinion so we can have a nice discussion about it

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